June 3, 2023
What is Commonly Used in Medical Labs?

What is Commonly Used in Medical Labs?

You may have heard of Endoscopes, Autoclaves, C-Arms, and Cell counters. But what exactly are these things, and how are they used in medical labs in Dubai? Read on to learn about these and other tools used in medical labs. And be prepared to learn something new. After all, this is only a brief overview of what goes into medical labs. Eventually, you will have to make your own decision about which equipment you need in your laboratory.


Endoscopy is a surgical procedure that examines the inside of the body using an endoscope. The procedure can be performed in a medical lab or doctor’s office. The type of anesthesia used during the procedure will depend on the type of endoscopy. In either case, the endoscope is inserted through a natural opening in the body, and the health care team will evaluate it. Depending on the purpose of the procedure, it may be performed to diagnose a disease or perform a biopsy.


Autoclaves commonly used in medical lab settings are incredibly useful for sterilizing medical instruments. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when buying an autoclave. These include its size, the type of load it can handle, and the performance qualification of its electronics. Autoclaves must meet strict requirements to be considered “validated” – the only way to know for sure what happens when you load a container into an autoclave.


A C-Arm can provide real-time views of the structures being operated on during a surgical procedure. This imaging system also provides multiple views of the same part to allow reconstruction of the 3D model later. Some of the most common applications of C-Arms are in surgical navigation, including identifying joints for injection of medications or implant placement. Among the many other uses, C-Arms can also be used to guide a needle placement procedure.

Cell counters:

Cell counters are instruments used in medical laboratories to count cells. They can be handheld or bench top models. Advanced models can count cells at low or high densities and do not require special preparation. Many of these counters have interfaces that allow users to identify target cells and manage data. Listed below are the benefits of cell counters for medical labs.

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