April 14, 2021


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Gita: a secure link

Bhagavad Gita is a religious text appreciated alike in East and West. Allow us advantage from the nuggets of knowledge and share with some others, writes Radhanath Swami

We dwell in an age of devices and networks. They have develop into an integral component of our routine — from interaction to socialisation, recovering well being to earning wealth. A slight disconnection can prove to be a disaster at instances — an plane disconnected from the manage tower, a patient disconnected from a life assist program. A weak, flaky link for the duration of our function or recreation can cause a great discomfort, stealing absent our peace of mind. We need to have a secure and robust community connection on our Smartphone, Computer system to get the job done with a tranquil and concentrated thoughts.

On the exact line, we need a potent, steady and satisfying connection at our heart. Each a single of us wishes to truly really like anyone and desires to be really beloved by an individual. It is a constitutional character of every single a person of us irrespective of what we are in the worldly terms — abundant, lousy, literate, illiterate, white, black and so on. We require a sturdy link with somebody where we can spend our genuine appreciate and whereby we can obtain accurate adore. Because of absence of these kinds of a link, we deficiency peace in this globe. And we lack contentment in our lives. Bhagavad Gita (2.66) corroborates this — “One who lacks a steady relationship, his/her intelligence is baffled and thoughts are scattered. These types of a person lacks peace and consequently happiness”.

Our lives are ridden with stress, worry, anger, insecurity and so forth. Our development in the very last handful of generations substantially solved some challenges. But it was not able to deal with this difficulty. The main overall health complications transformed from physiological in the past to psychological in the existing. In accordance to Cigna Health and fitness Insurance coverage, 89% of Indians are stricken by pressure. There is just one suicide endeavor every single 3 seconds. But if we consider a look into our life, we do check out to connect with other individuals at distinct levels in diverse ways. In which are we going mistaken? Bhagavad Gita guides us to the root trigger.

If we glance in the entire world about, we come across that factors in the earth are not permanent. They have a starting and an end. Every thing in this globe is withered by the severe winds of time. The properties we construct, the prosperity we accumulate, the gadgets we invest in and even our bodies way too. Bhagavad Gita (5.22) points out — “A intelligent man or woman does not get delight in exterior pleasure. It has a commencing and conclusion. For this reason it is a resource of misery”. We are basing our happiness on the ever-changing and short-term factors of this entire world alone. Our objects of pleasure in this globe are momentary thus we are tormented with fear, anxiousness and insecurity. From Bezos to a beggar on the avenue, everyone goes by way of this encounter. No one particular is exempt. As a end result the internet happiness we get in this globe is really moment. We have to have an everlasting and at any time growing happiness. Making an attempt to be happy in this globe is equivalent to a weary, desert traveler hoping to fulfill himself with a fall of h2o. It is not going to be sufficient. It appears to be we have arrived at a useless conclude. Do we have a alternative? Of course. Bhagavad Gita delivers us the option. It does not leave us empty handed.

Bhagavad Gita (2.13) states that “we are spirit souls and we go by means of youth, adulthood, outdated age and death”. We are not just the actual physical entire body that we see with our fleshy eyes. Our gross bodily system is like components, the refined human body consisting of brain, intelligence and moi is like computer software and we the soul is like a person. In the course of rest, our bodily human body is inactive, the delicate human body is energetic in the kind of desires. In the aspiration, brain is the display screen, the seer is the soul. We are a religious becoming covered by material human body and brain. We are basing our joy entirely on the connections with our substance overall body, brain and the matter about us. We are relating to some others thinking of them as goods of issue ignorant of the spirit. This is the motive for our deficiency of peace and contentment. Compared with make any difference, spirit is everlasting, changeless and limitless. Only the religious platform we can obtain everlasting joy that is our inherent longing. As a result the option is to re-create our missing non secular connection.

We as spiritual souls are section and parcel of the Supreme Divine God who is all eye-catching and all Merciful. The missing spiritual link with God can be set up by the process of Yoga. The initial phase in Yoga is to make ourselves mindful of the actuality of the short term entire world, our genuine self, our lost partnership with God and the science of reviving that partnership. This can be realized by often looking through religious literature like The Gita and association with other practitioners. The 2nd phase is to practice the method of meditation, worship and devotion to God (BG 9.34). This action will help us in reviving our spiritual relationship. This steady non secular connection presents us focus, drive in our worldly duties and fulfilment in lifestyle amidst the turbulent and unstable, at any time transforming earth close to. 5000 a long time back Bhagavad Gita was to start with spoken by Lord Krishna to His warrior-mate Arjuna at Kurukshetra. Bhagavad Gita is a spiritual textual content appreciated alike from East to West, from Einstein to Gandhi. Allow us take reward of the nuggets of wisdom of Gita and share it with the planet that is in dire require of this knowledge.

The author is a spiritual guru at the Global Culture for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)