April 13, 2021


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How to Carry Over Progress from Hitman 2


Since you’re able to play Hitman 2’s missions from inside Hitman 3, it’d be nice to not have to start over again, bringing your progress into the new game with you. Thankfully, IO Interactive has made that possible, but it’s not an easy process. So that you’re not wasting time, here’s everything you need to know about how to carry over progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3.

It’s worth noting that it’s your level and progress that’ll carry over from Hitman 2 only. Hitman 1 progress cannot be carried over into Hitman 3.

How to Carry Over Progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3

First of all, head to the Hitman 3 progression carry over website, which you can find here and Select ‘start carryover process.’

Then, you’ll be asked to sign into your IO account. If it’s not linked to the account you’re playing on, select the ‘sign in with…” option and choose the platform you’re playing on. Then all you need to do is type in your information and confirm the linking of accounts.

The account you’re playing Hitman 3 on needs to be the same as the one you’re carry progress over from. Do note, you might have to log out of your IO account first before linking the accounts. Also, if you’ve not set up an IO account, you can do so and still link it to the platform account, but you’ll need access to your emails to verify the account.

Then, return to the progress carry over page and follow the six step process, which has all the details of what you’re carrying over, including the Mastery level you’ve reached previously.

On the final step, confirm that you want to carry your Hitman 2 progress over to Hitman 3. It can take up to five minutes for it to work successfully. If you’ve got Hitman 3 open on your console or PC, you’ll likely have to close and re-open the application to get it to work. You should see all your Hitman 2 progress carried over though.

You’ll also notice that all the trophies or achievements that you earned the first time you played Hitman 2 (the ones that are relevant to Hitman 3 at least) will pop once more.

That’s everything you need to know about how to carry over progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide or search for Twinfinite.