April 11, 2021


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In Review, Covidien Endo Sew Cuts Running Time and Prices

In a latest study, the Endo Stitch automated suturing device from Covidien was shown to decrease indicate healthcare facility expenses and working area (OR) time all through complete laparoscopic hysterectomies treating benign disorders. In the examine, the device reduced all round hospitalization costs by somewhere around $1800 and cut OR time by about 40 minutes, on normal, when compared to those exact strategies performed with robotic aid.

To get some viewpoint on the automated suturing gadget for laparoscopic surgical procedures, Medgadget spoke with Stuart Hart, MD, FACOG, FACS, co-director of the College of South Florida Center for the Progression of Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgical treatment, who has utilised the gadget for decades and assisted existing the examine results at the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists 40th Worldwide Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecology in late November 2011.


Medgadget: How did the system make these extraordinary time personal savings attainable in this examine? Also, could you make clear what the unit is like in phrases of usability?

Hart: Laparoscopic suturing is a really hard ability to acquire. This is partly simply because it is pretty much like you are working with stilts. In open surgical procedure, we are used to possessing a needle driver and we are holding the needle really carefully with the needle driver near to the place our arms are. Whereas in laparoscopic surgery, we have these lengthy instruments. A single of the big worries is driving needles by means of tissue from the for a longer time distance.

The other significant problem is, in standard laparoscopic surgical treatment, the surgeon is hunting at a two-dimensional display whilst working in a few proportions.

Fundamentally, the [Endo Stitch] device automates the procedure of suturing. As a substitute of owning to go by this steep understanding curve of finding out laparoscopic suturing, this very easy machine permits you to suture with really very little skill needed and there is minor teaching concerned. It’s not a lot additional involved than any laparoscopic instrument we usually use.

Just the relieve of use of the product helps make these outstanding time cost savings probable. It will allow you to incredibly easily travel sutures by way of tissue with no acquiring to find out these superior capabilities. […] When you automate the method, all of a sudden, that time goes down considerably. It just simplifies the whole course of action by automating it via the machine. And it really provides important time financial savings.


Medgadget: A fairly similar question: Doctors these days are pressured to do much more with considerably less: many thanks to a scarcity of MDs and increasing tension to handle charges in medicine. How do you believe the Endo Sew addresses these developments?

Hart: I think it is a truly intriguing problem simply because price tag containment is starting to be one particular of the biggest challenges [in medicine]. In this review, we appeared at two issues: we when compared [the Endo Stitch] to robotic operation and to common laparoscopic hysterectomies.

One of the challenges, as a physician who teaches programs in laparoscopic hysterectomies, is that the greater part of hysterectomies, somewhere around 60–65% of them, are even now getting completed as a result of significant open up incisions. This is awesome since we have been undertaking them that way for a lot more than 100 a long time and you would think that we would progress to a newer technologies. But partly the purpose that it is even now staying performed open up is the obstacle of establishing the laparoscopic capabilities.

What the da Vinci robot has finished is they have occur in with a quite nice instrument that comes about to be very high priced. It permits the doctors to suture a lot a lot more obviously because [it gives them] that 7 degrees of freedom on your wrist. Essentially, you suture with the da Vinci robotic almost identically to how you suture with an open surgery.

A person of the biggest challenges with the da Vinci robotic, even although it is a really sophisticated and complex piece of tools that operates incredibly perfectly, is the charge. Do we seriously need a $2 million robotic to carry out the greater part of our hysterectomies? And obtaining back to the price-limiting factor of executing laparoscopic hysterectomies, it is the suturing. So instantly if you experienced an enabling technological innovation like the EndoStitch that would empower you to suture really simply, swiftly, and proficiently, it would just take away the need to have for the really pricey robotic due to the fact you could do it with a a lot-a lot less expensive piece of machines. And so that is why we as opposed it to the robotic. And that is why we saw all of the time savings in the OR and of course the considerable price tag savings. There have been other research that looked at robotic compared to classic laparoscopic surgical procedures for hysterectomy and also confirmed a price tag cost savings.


Medgadget: Moreover its potential to velocity surgical strategies and to help save prices, what else is noteworthy about the Endo Stitch?

Hart: It is a incredibly clear-cut instrument. It is extremely easy to educate physicians to use it.

The very best point to examine it to is the $2-million piece of gear: the da Vinci robots. You have to get additional training, robotic coaching, to use it. And not each and every hospital can manage to buy a robotic. On top of that, even if they can afford to pay for to get a robot, they ordinarily just can’t manage to invest in much more than just one or two. So you are pretty confined in the means to even use it.

The Endo Stitch is certainly quite reasonably priced in comparison to the robot. It is no additional than a standard laparoscopic instrument that we use. It truly necessitates very nominal instruction. It makes it possible for the doctor to complete uncomplicated laparoscopic hysterectomies with significant—not only expense gains, but added benefits to the individual in conditions of blood decline, reduced pain, rapid return to typical exercise, far better good quality of daily life, lessened threat of hernia development. These are your regular advantages of laparoscopic medical procedures. And to do it more quickly than the robot, with a lot less value, and hassle, with making an attempt to obtain time or the medical center that has the robotic. And it is disposable. So you can toss it away at the finish. It is a great instrument. I have been working with it for years and, as they appear out with new iterations to it, I keep on to develop my use of it.

Press release: Covidien Endo Sew(TM) Automated Suturing Device Lessens Hospitalization Prices and Operating Space Time