February 25, 2021


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John Mueller Recommends Pyramid Web page Structure

Google’s John Mueller, in an Seo place of work-hrs hangout, was questioned about site navigation and the repercussions of producing big adjustments. Mueller recommended the pyramid web-site framework and reviewed the professionals and negatives of earning big changes to site navigation.

Mega Menu with Above 1,000 Hyperlinks

The particular person asking the question has an ecommerce web site with a static navigational menu that consists of in excess of a person thousand links.

This is normally known as a flat website framework. It’s contact flat mainly because if you build a map of all the backlinks, there is no hierarchy to the links considering that each individual web website page is just one simply click away. So the construction appears to be flat.

The flat web site structure advanced in the early 2000’s as a way to increase how significantly of a site is indexed by look for engines and to be certain that every single site receives an sufficient volume of PageRank from one-way links to the dwelling web page in buy to improve rankings.

Again in the early times of Search engine optimisation, quite a few publishers engaged in reciprocal linking and listing submission tactics for hyperlinks. The most widespread approach was to level most of the back links to the property website page so that PageRank could trickle down from the property page.


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Linking to as quite a few internet pages as possible from the property web page, a flat web site construction, was a way to maximize the position electrical power of all the webpages again in the early times of Website positioning.

Will a Drastic Change to Navigation Damage Rankings?

The key problem to the individual inquiring the problem is whether or not creating this incredibly extraordinary alter will negatively affect rankings.

This is the dilemma asked:

“We have a web site with a mega menu that has over 1,000 back links.

It used to be that this mega menu, back in 2018, would only load upon user motion.

So when a consumer hovered above the navbar AJAX almost certainly loaded all those one-way links.

At some place in 2018, we extra these static links and, I know correlation is not causation but all over that exact time we observed a big drop in our look for visitors.

And now we are… considering removing these links from our navbar as static hyperlinks and heading back to one-way links that only load on user motion with the AJAX connect with.

We are, yet, preserving a obvious route to all of these links on appropriate webpages.

So we’ll even now have a very clear crawl route to these backlinks but only on the pertinent internet pages instead than possessing these one-way links on every single website page.

So we’re wondering, what could probably be the affect or ramifications of eliminating these 1,000 mega menu backlinks or static hyperlinks, even while we are nevertheless retaining a crawl path to all of these back links on applicable web pages?”


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John Mueller started his answer by conveying that there are a lot of nuances that go into providing a precise reply that is certain to the internet site in query.

It is a way of detailing that what he’s about to say is a general response and not always precise to the internet site in dilemma.

Mueller responded:

“I consider on the one hand, it’s sort of really hard to say, simply because I never know how the rest of your web site is structured.

So if for example these 1,000 web pages are all of your pages, then it would be extremely unique as opposed to say these 1,000 webpages are your types and you have a million… of subcategories or one thing like that.”

Mueller adopted up by stating that in general, updating a website navigation from a flat composition to just one that is additional significant in terms of relevance and subjects is a superior approach… in normal.

Listed here is what John Mueller said:

“But in general, what you are on the lookout at from a transform stage of see is heading from a extra of a flat website composition to a more… further internet site framework.

And that’s anything exactly where from time to time, that can definitely make sense.

So it is a little something we in some cases see individuals variety of obsessing about limiting the crawl depth, for illustration and attempting to make it so that Googlebot can crawl to all internet pages in a quite quick time.

And to some extent, I believe that helps make perception.”

Rewards of the Pyramid Web-site Construction

Mueller then goes on to reveal the rewards of a pyramid site structure.

He suggests that it will help Google have an understanding of the context of diverse groups and webpages.

A pyramid web page framework has been all over since the early 2000s. The strategy is to create a web page where the dwelling web site is centered on the most best level and standard search term and the deeper you go into a web site the far more distinct the categories and web pages turn out to be.


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For instance, a internet site about fishing supplies may have “Fishing Tackle” as the topical focus of the property site. The subsequent click on down may well be to key sections of the web page like hooks, lures, and outside clothes.

The following simply click down will be to a lot more specific solutions or brand names.

Ultimately, at the deepest level of a web site, the base of the pyramid, there will be more of the longtail type of key terms, key phrases that are hyper certain as to a merchandise model, sizing, and colour.

The bottom of the pyramid has many “bricks” which are analogous to internet web pages. The bigger you go the less bricks there are as the pyramid tapers to a position that represents the dwelling website page.

Just one of the earliest discussions of the pyramid web-site construction was in a 2001 WebmasterWorld dialogue in which a person of the moderators named Paynt started a discussion of Concept Pyramids.

The 2nd put up in that 2001 dialogue is by a member named Oilman, also known as Todd Friesen, wherever he states:


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“I’ve normally assumed of themes as pyramids. You place your major basic subject matter at the leading and then guidance it with subtopics in the upcoming amount down. The assist those subtopics with subtopics in the 3rd level down and many others.”

This is how Mueller stated it:

“On the other hand, sort of much more the prime down method or pyramid structure assists us a lot additional to realize the context of person webpages in just the site.

So in individual, if we know this category is related with these other subcategories then that’s a distinct link that we have amongst those sections.

And that undoubtedly assists us to have an understanding of how these points are related, how they get the job done collectively a tiny bit greater.

Whereas if it is extremely flat, then we consider, oh all of these are equally crucial and we never really know which of these are connected to every other.

So from my place of watch, I assume for a whole lot of web pages it makes sense to have more of a pyramid composition.

But at the same time you really do not want it to be these types of that it is like you have to click by a million situations to really get to the real material.

You need to have…I don’t know… some affordable range of clicks, fundamentally, to get to the articles.”


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The person asking the problem responded by describing that they are an ecommerce web-site and that lots of Search engine optimisation corporations they spoke with suggested against modifying the navigation composition.

The Search engine marketing companies recommended towards switching the navigation framework because it would be bound to have a damaging effect.

The human being inquiring the dilemma requested:

“I’m thinking if an empirical assertion like that could be created?”

John Mueller answered:

“I never believe it would normally have a adverse impact.

I do believe if you make it also deep, then that will make it harder for us to crawl and more challenging for us to move the indicators all-around.

But it’s not the scenario that a tremendous flat structure is likely to be better than a type of acceptable pyramid structure.

So personally, I would check out to aim for far more of a pyramid structure just to make it so that it is less complicated for us to comprehend the context of the unique webpages and to forward the indicators into type of related spots simpler.

But it is also a little something which… it’s a quite substantial modify on a internet site like that.

So it’s one thing in which I comprehend that it can make sense to type of get additional enter on the options, probably even to examination matters out, like you take 1 class and say I’ll try out it right here and see what happens with regards to crawling, with regards to indexing, with regard to rankings… all of these matters due to the fact it is pretty a huge step when you modify your website from sort of a tremendous flat structure to far more of a pyramid format.”


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Pyramid Web-site Structure

The pyramid internet site structure preceded other site construction schemes like the “silo” web page composition.

The pyramid web page construction is very similar to the silo framework in that they the two emphasis on creating a hierarchical get of matters. Arranging topics is also acknowledged as generating a taxonomy.

In a pyramid web-site structure a person can manage world wide web web pages in whichever method would make feeling to the publisher.

In a silo structure, internet web pages are strictly organized by semantics, by search phrases. Some may perhaps find that technique somewhat artificial but it is a well-known tactic however.

What I like about the pyramid web page structure is that it’s so flexible that one particular can get issues in any way that makes perception to a man or woman.

And if it helps make sense for customers then it will normally make sense for look for engines.


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