April 13, 2021


Advances in world technology

Relentless progress in clean power

I was talking about environmental problems with somebody in the past 7 days or so concerning the upcoming of the local climate, biosphere, and anthropogenic world wide warming (AGW). As is usually the situation, this particular person was convinced that the “all-natural ecosystem” was going to be almost destroyed in relatively quick get.

I introduced up the actuality that an huge amount of money of dire environmental predictions have been designed around the previous few decades and pretty much each one of them has failed. The purpose for the failure is that the persons making the predictions failed to notice the development that was happening all around them. By the time somebody writes a e book or creates a documentary about a certain form of environmental collapse, the awareness of the problem is already common inside the populace. The adaptations and “fixes” wanted to confront and remedy the dilemma are already in the pipeline. A several a long time later on, soon after some bumps in the road, things have tended to stop up okay. As of nowadays, content prosperity in human culture has under no circumstances been higher and the natural environment has not “collapsed”

There are worrisome to confront in 2021 and in yrs down the highway – there always are – but in conditions of cleaning up the ecosystem and electrical power creation, fast progress carries on.

Many people today predicting doom-and-gloom at this position could not be observing the new know-how coming on to the scene. The strategies and equipment we have to stay cleaner with less influence improve more various by the day. We are not functioning wit 20th century technological know-how any longer.

I could write-up a dozen incredible and impactful science and engineering innovations each working day, but I will just aim on 1 niche industry for now – batteries.

A single of the toughest problems facing renewable electricity era is storage (similar goes for the adoption of electric powered cars). With plenty of exertion, we could definitely make adequate batteries to retailer renewable strength, but it would not be price-powerful with latest batteries. Pumped hydroelectric is however the most economical option.


This is modifying. Acquire a glance at this presentation created in February of very last 12 months. The highlights:

  • The vitality density of lithium-ion batteries has approximately tripled due to the fact 2010, while the average value per mobile has long gone down by a factor of 8! This signifies far more range on your electric auto.
  • Every person is aware how Tesla has greater the variety of their EVs, but as highlighted in the presentation, the Nissan Leaf has performed the same, going from a range of 71 miles in 2011 to a whopping 215 miles in 2020.

Because of the specific chemistry of Lithium-Ion batteries, it has been complicated to reach the extraordinary progress witnessed in excess of the final 10 years, but there are newer battery systems in growth that could blow other people “out of the h2o” pretty quickly – generating grid storage of renewable electrical power extra adaptable and cheap.

Right here is a new growth in “move batteries” that seems promising. If this can be scaled-up, it could be a lot more economical than pumped hydroelectric. In addition, the vitality density of the new move battery design could be 500 moments bigger than pumped hydroelectric.

In the realm of producing useful batteries for a wider wide variety of application, College of San Diego researchers have developed a new adaptable battery. This distinct battery than can be 3D-printed, has 10 moments the density of lithium-ion batteries.

There are even new developments in stable condition lithium-ion batteries, which have the probable to be safer and vitality dense than the present liquid varieties in the marketplace ideal now.

For yrs, persons have bemoaned the deficiency of superior-power inexpensive batteries, mainly because battery technological innovation was keeping back again more prevalent adoption of cleaner vitality resources. Now the future appears bright.

Also consider that the highlighted articles earlier mentioned are only a small portion of the exploration and engineering that is going into superior batteries…


battery technological know-how is just a small aspect of the general photograph. Just simply because you never see all of the stunning developments on the nationwide information, does not indicate there is no development.